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Workplace Safety Tips | Prevention Level & Safety equipment types

March 4, 2020 | POSTED IN: Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Tips | Prevention Level & Safety equipment types

Workplace Safety Tips – Different safety products are manufactured by 3M. 3M is a leading company that develops safety products for the safety of different workplaces. The company has a huge part in the development and manufacturing of safety equipment for the safety of workers. The company has a team of Application engineers and is the main asset of the company in producing quality products linked with the safety of the workplace. The 3M also has a team of local experts who provides training to the end-users.

The office is the main workplace where different matters are settled out. Workers gather at their office before and after work, and work is appointed to the workers from the office daily. The office should be a safe place where workers can easily and safely perform their duties.

  • An office should be equipped with the proper safety equipment as per the nature of the office. 
  • The office should be consistently inspected by the inspection team to ensure a safer environment. 
  • Proper maintenance of the safety equipment in an office should be done by the safety team.
  • The legislation defined by governmental organizations should be followed as discussed in Safety in workplace article. 
  • The different WSH statements and regulations mentioned in Safety in workplace article should be followed.
  • The employees of the company should be provided proper compensation in case of any injury or casualty. 
  • The acts related to the work injury compensation should be provided to every working person of the company. 
  • The occupational health and safety act should be implemented on the company and all the WSH acts should be followed. 
  • The updated acts related to occupational health and safety framework should be imposed on the whole structure of the company. 
  • All the workers should be trained to handle the safety equipment effectively for the safety of the workplace and the health of the employees.

Figure 1: Safety Equipment for Office Safety

Guide to proper pipe marking:

The usage of different labels, color coding for the identification of the pipes, flow direction of the pipes and the contents of the pipe in different commercial and industrial buildings is termed as the pipe marking. The pipe markings helps ensure the safety and the prevention of any hazards. Pipe marking is helpful and useful in different scenarios such as during maintenance process and an emergency. The proper markings of the pipe are useful in the maintenance process. The standards provided by ANSI [1] should be used in order to create a pipe marking which should be standard and should be effectively figured out in case of any work on the pipeline. 

Effective Workplace Safety Committee:

An organization hire a safety committee to maintain and inspect different safety measures at a workplace. An effective safety committee can protect a workplace from different kind of hazards and risks with proper assessment. A safety committee should be available at different workplaces for a safer workplace environment. The committee should be effective enough to maintain proper safety at the workplace. Only safety-related tasks can be given to the the committee. Also, it is important that the committee are properly trained by the government organizations. In conclusion, a safety committee carries out inspection to maintain and ensure the safety of the workplace.

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