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June 13, 2023 | POSTED IN: Articles

How to Purchase Products on ElectGo

How to Purchase Products on ElectGo?

This article will provide a step-by-step guide with pictures on purchasing items from ElectGo.


Step 1: Select items 

In order to search for the items, key in the name or model number of the item into the search bar. There will be a list of relevant items for you to select from.


  • Enter name/model into the search bar
  • Hit enter to view all related items


Step 2: Add items to cart

After deciding on the items to buy, select the number of each item to buy and press ‘Add To Cart’ to checkout. Alternatively, you can also press ‘Add To Wishlist’ to save the item if you have not made up your mind.


  • Select the quantity of the items
  • Press ‘ADD TO CART’ to add the items to cart


Step 3: Checkout

To check out the items in the cart, simply click on the trolley icon at the top right corner of the page. A drop-down list will show the items that are being added to the cart. On the page, you can also update the number of items to be bought if needed. 




Step 4: View and edit cart

This page shows the total items in the cart as well as a breakdown of the total cost inclusive of GST. Before placing the order, ensure that all the items in the cart are correct.

You can also press ‘Continue Shopping’ to browse more items. If the items in the cart are incorrect, you can delete them here and add them again.


Press ‘Place Order’ to submit the orders in your cart.


Step 5: Fill in shipping and delivery information

Enter all the delivery information with caution and select the shipping method with care. 


  • Key in all necessary details for shipment and delivery. 
  • Select Shipping Method that you prefer


Step 6: Place an order

On this page, you will find a breakdown of the overall invoice amount, which covers GST and shipping fees. Prior to clicking 'Place Order' to finalize your purchase, please ensure that you enter a valid promotional code for a discount.


  • Select the payment method that you refer to (Bank Transfer / Visa / Mastercard / Paynow QR)
  • Enter a valid promo code (if any)
  • Check the order summary, billing, and shipping address
  • Press ‘PLACE ORDER’ to submit the order