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Measuring and Monitoring Relays

Introduction to Measuring and Monitoring Relays

Measuring and monitoring relays are crucial components in industrial control systems, serving as protective devices that oversee various operational parameters. These relays are designed to receive input signals, actively monitor them, and issue alarm signals if certain predefined thresholds are exceeded. This functionality is essential for maintaining system integrity and preventing potential hazards caused by parameter deviations.

Functions of Measuring and Monitoring Relays

The primary roles of these relays include:

  • Input Signal Reception: They accept signals from sensors or other monitoring devices that measure physical properties such as temperature, pressure, voltage, or current.

  • Continuous Monitoring: The core function is to continually assess the input signals to detect any anomalies or deviations from normal operating conditions.

  • Threshold Alarm Outputs: If measurements exceed set limits, the relay triggers an alarm signal. This can activate other devices to take corrective actions or alert personnel to potential issues.

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