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Contactors and Protection Relays

Overview of Contactors

Contactors are specialized electrical devices designed to switch an electric circuit on and off, primarily used in applications requiring the handling of high current loads. As a type of relay, contactors differ from standard relays in their ability to manage significantly larger current capacities—making them ideal for high-power applications such as controlling electric motors.

Key Features of Contactors:

  • High Current Capacity: Contactors can handle a wide range of current loads, from a few amperes to thousands, accommodating the demands of various industrial applications.

  • Voltage Compatibility: They operate across a broad spectrum of voltages, ensuring versatility in usage.

  • Compact Design: Despite their capacity, contactors are designed to be compact and are easily field-mountable, facilitating integration into existing systems.

  • Multiple Contacts: Typically featuring normally open contacts, contactors provide power to the load when activated, essential for the operational efficiency of connected systems.

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