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Electrical Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is a type of charging station for electric cars that provides energy from the power grid to recharge them. Convenience and efficiency are what electric vehicles (EV) users look for when charging their cars. It fuels your car at the convenience of your home. With an EV charger, you can charge up on a whim. You don’t need to go to a gasoline station, especially if you have your own electric vehicle charging point at home. With the exponential growth of electric vehicles (EV) and the development of electric cars with longer ranges, demand for electric vehicle charging is booming.

There’s no doubt that getting your own EV charger is a smart investment. To be able to make sure that your money won’t be put to waste, always look for a trusted brand.

At Electgo, we have partnered with a company that is trusted not just by the consumers but also by a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific – the SP group. It’s ABB Ltd, formerly ASEA Brown Boveri or BBB, and Schneider Electric.

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