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Cam positioners

A Cam Positioner electrically achieves the function of traditional mechanical cams. Traditionally, a mechanical cam and limit switch (or a photoelectric sensor or other sensors) were used to detect rotational angles.

A Cam Positioner reads the angle data from an input detection device (a Resolver or Encoder) and turns an output ON and OFF according to preset ON/OFF angles (called the cam program).
In food packing machines, for example, the Cam Positioner uses angle position data to control the timing of various mechanisms. The purpose of Cam Positioners is generally this type of timing control.


  • Environmental Resistance
    • Resolvers have no electronic parts, and therefore have superior environmental resistance in comparison with Encoders, against oil, dust, temperature, and shock.
    • An ambient operating temperature range of -10 to 80°C..
  • Absolute Angle Detection
    • Resolvers can detect absolute angles and only one Resolver is needed for high precision at a 360 or 720 resolution.
    • With radial and thrust shaft-load tolerances of 196 N, Resolvers generally outperform other detectors, such as Encoders.
    • Maximum Cable Length Up to 100 m
    • Resolver cables can be extended up to 100 m to enable remote operation and control from a location well away from the Resolver.
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    Cam Positioner


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