Singapore GST will increase from 8% to 9%

(Effective from Jan 1, 2024)

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About ElectGo


An E-commerce platform offering a comprehensive range of industrial products from leading brands worldwide, such as 3M, ABB, Brady, Omron, Philips Lighting, Panduit, Schneider Electric, Werma, Weidmuller, and more. ElectGo has been expanding its range of products, carrying over 70,000 SKUs, from various industries to cater to the market demands. 

With the increasing number of third-party manufacturers in the market claiming that they sell only genuine products, customers are more doubtful about using these products which will cause damage to their expensive assets and equipment in the long run.

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Establishing Quality and Service in mind, ElectGo is committed to providing our customers high quality and genuine products and goods that are sold on our platforms.

We are able to produce a CCC, RoHS, Certificate of Conformity, UL Certificate & CE Certificate upon request. With an outstanding record in service excellence and operational efficiency, our supporting companies are certified with ISO 9001 International Certificate and awarded BizSafe Level 3.

ElectGo is a part of the Lim Kim Hai Group of Companies, As a group, we are committed to preserving the integrity and professionalism that has characterized our corporate brand image. We plan to achieve this by dedicating ourselves to the group’s mission & vision of:


  • We uphold honesty, practice good business ethics and comply with country laws and regulations at all times.
  • We develop individual and team character and virtue in the workplace, and create and maintain a culture of integrity.


  • We take ownership and initiative; to drive continuous improvement, innovation, and active contribution with professionalism.
  • We take pride in providing good quality of work and ensure that all our commitments are duly fulfilled.
  • We uphold service excellence and quality.


  • We embrace teamwork and establish customer partnerships.
  • We work as a team harmoniously with respect and cultivate a strong relationship.
  • We believe in learning and communication to encourage new ideas and changes.
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