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Molded Case Circuit Breaker Accessories (MCCB Accessories)

Overview of MCCB Accessories

Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) accessories are integral components designed to enhance the functionality and safety of MCCBs. These accessories provide added layers of protection and control, crucial for maintaining system integrity and ensuring reliable power distribution. Commonly utilized accessories for MCCBs include:

  • Shunt Trip: Allows the circuit breaker to trip remotely, facilitating emergency power shut-offs or automated disconnection.
  • Phase Insulation Barrier: Increases safety by preventing phase-to-phase faults and enhancing the isolation between different phases.
  • Rotary Handle: Offers an ergonomic and safe way to operate the breaker, making it accessible from outside the panel.
  • Under-voltage Tripping Device: Automatically trips the breaker when voltage drops below a set threshold, protecting the circuit from potential damage.
  • Change-over System: Enables seamless switching between different power sources, ensuring continuous power supply and system reliability.
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