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Electrical Cables

Introduction to Electrical Cables

Electrical cables are fundamental to electrical power systems, serving as the lifelines that transmit and distribute electricity across various settings. Typically composed of conductive copper or aluminum wires, these cables are encased in insulation and protective materials that ensure durability and safety. Their applications span from simple residential wiring to complex industrial power distribution networks.

Composition of Electrical Cables

  • Conductive Cores: Electrical cables typically consist of one or more conductive wires made from copper or aluminum, known for their excellent electrical conductivity.

  • Insulation Layer: Each conductive wire is coated with an insulation layer that prevents electrical shocks and short circuits by ensuring that the electricity flows along the intended path.

  • Protective Outer Sheath: The outer layer of the cables is designed to protect the internal conductors from mechanical, thermal, and chemical damages, enhancing the cable’s overall durability and safety.

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