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About ElectGo 
 ElectGo, an e-commerce platform under the LKH Group of Companies, offers a wide range of industrial products from leading global brands such as 3M, ABB, Brady, Omron, Philips Lighting, Panduit, Schneider Electric, Werma, Weidmuller, and others. With a rich history spanning over six decades, the LKH Group of Companies has evolved into a trusted and respected name, serving customers both locally and regionally. ElectGo is proud to ride on this legacy by providing an extensive selection from various manufacturers to meet market demands.

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1 year ago


Simple to understand.

yaxi Zhong
2 years ago


PLC ebook is plentiful information. Good!

Andnet Seid
2 years ago


Electro mechanical engineering

cheryl Huie
2 years ago


Your ebook was educational and I learned about contactors in relation to relays. Contactors are specialized relays and I did not know that. Thanks for allowing me to download this valuable ebook. Sincerely, Cheryl Huie Daugherty

Instrumentation applications
2 years ago


A very good knowledge sharing articles are available

2 years ago


electrical maintenance engineer. the explanation is precise and helpfull.

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