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OMRON Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of advanced industrial automation solutions offers a broad and flexible product range with cutting-edge technologies. OMRON electronics products are widely recognized in the global market as they easily integrate with the evolving changes in the technology space, thereby strengthening smart manufacturing. The end-to-end solutions contribute to striking the right balance between production and deployment time.

We offers a range of OMRON's industrial components that cater to various industries and applications. Some of the products that Omron offers include sensors, relays, programmable controllers, servo motors, and motion controllers.

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As an authorized distributor of OMRON products in Singapore, ElectGo offers an extensive range of OMRON's innovative and high-quality automation components. From advanced sensors and control systems to cutting-edge robotic solutions, ElectGo provides businesses with OMRON's best-in-class products, ensuring reliability and efficiency for various industrial applications.

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