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Leading the charge in global technology with "Energizing Transformations for a Sustainable Future" as vision, ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) is dedicated to shaping a more productive and sustainable future. With over 130 years of experience, they offer cutting-edge solutions in electrification, robotics, automation, and motion. Their 105,000+ employees in over 100 countries embody a legacy of innovation and excellence.

ABB envisions a future where technology empowers by seamlessly integrating software and diverse products. This commitment to pushing boundaries drives unprecedented performance across industries.

Featured Solutions: Empowering Efficiency and Sustainability

ABB Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS):

  • Ensures seamless power transition during outages or grid disturbances, minimizing downtime and data loss for critical applications in hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities.

  • Operates automatically: The ATS continuously monitors the power grid and automatically switches to a backup power source (like a generator) in the event of a power outage. When primary power returns, the ATS safely switches back, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of electricity.

  • Wide range of applications: Available in various configurations and sizes, ABB ATS caters to diverse needs, from small businesses to large industrial facilities.

ABB Electrical Installation in Buildings:

  • Offers a comprehensive approach to electrical design, installation, and maintenance in buildings.

  • Two distinct volumes:

    Volume 1: Simplifies product selection with user-friendly guides and product overviews, ideal for contractors, architects, and building owners.

    Volume 2: Provides in-depth technical information, specifications, installation examples, and specialized solutions for engineers and experienced electrical professionals.

Empowers efficiency and sustainability: ABB's solutions promote green building practices by:

  • Minimizing energy waste through efficient products and system design.

  • Enhancing building automation and control for optimized energy usage.

  • Offering solutions for integrating renewable energy sources like solar panels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Looking for ABB RCCB with type A, 4P, 100A and 300mA.

You may consider ABB 2CSF204101R3900.

2. Looking for equivalent model Allen Bradley Contactors 100-C16-ZJ-400 and 100-SA-10.

You may consider ABB AF26Z-30-00-21 and AF26-40-00-11 with CA4-22M.

3. Looking for ABB MCB 2P with 6kA breaking capacity, 32A and C curve.

You may consider ABB 2CDS252001R0324.

4. Looking for ABB Contactors to connect to a motor with 5.5kW at 400V, 1 auxiliary NO contact and supply voltage is 230VAC.

You may consider ABB AF12-30-10-13.

5. Looking for a Power Meter with RS485 that can monitor 3 phase and Single phase system.

You may consider ABB M4M 20 with Modbus RTU 2CSG251141R4501