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About Panduit

In the dynamic and constantly evolving global marketplace, robust physical infrastructure is more critical than ever. It serves as the foundation for resilience, efficiency, and scalability within businesses, allowing them to build and expand their operations successfully. Panduit distinguishes itself as a key player in this domain, offering comprehensive industrial electrical solutions that enhance connectivity and empower businesses to meet the challenges of modern enterprises with confidence.

Panduit’s approach is founded on three fundamental principles: intelligent design, scalability, and operational efficiency. These principles underpin a connectivity strategy that enables businesses not just to operate but to thrive amid rapid technological changes and market shifts.

Panduit offers an extensive array of products that play a vital role in building efficient and reliable infrastructure systems. Their product line includes:

  • Cable Ties: Available in a variety of lengths and strengths for bundling and securing cables, ensuring neatness and organization.

  • Cable Tie Mounts: Designed to support cable ties in securing cables along surfaces and structures, enhancing stability and organization.

  • Wire and Cable Labels: Essential for managing and identifying wires and cables, facilitating easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Ferrules: Used to protect and seal the ends of wires, improving connection quality and safety.

  • Wiring Duct/Cable Trunking: Provides a conduit for safely routing cables across different parts of a facility, protecting cables from damage and reducing clutter.

  • And More: Including a range of additional accessories and tools designed to support comprehensive electrical infrastructure needs.

Panduit’s solutions are essential for businesses looking to optimize their operations and ensure their infrastructure can adapt to future demands. Their products are crafted with precision and quality, assuring long-term reliability and performance.

Featured Products

Panduit Wiring ductPanduit Wiring duct

Wiring Duct

Cable trunking, also known as cable duct, wire duct, or cable channel, is the system used for cable management in electrical control panels. Cable Trunking provides solutions for the original equipment manufacturing, transportation, contract manufacturing, maintenance and repair, and communications markets.

Panduit Compression lugsPanduit Compression lugs

Cable Lug

Enhance Workplace Safety: Protects personnel and equipment throughout the lifecycle with power connections and cable management that are easy to use, install, and maintain safety. Ideal for the most demanding environments, where temperature extremes, weather conditions, chemicals, saltwater, shock and vibration can degrade performance and create risk

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