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About Panduit

Physical infrastructure is a strategic foundation that can help future-proof your business. Panduit’s industrial electrical ensures smart, scalable, and efficient connectivity solutions across the enterprise to help the company compete and succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace. Panduit's products include cable ties, cable tie mounts, wire and cable labels, ferrules, wiring duct/cable trunking, and more.

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Panduit Wiring ductPanduit Wiring duct

Wiring Duct

Cable trunking, also known as cable duct, wire duct, or cable channel, is the system used for cable management in electrical control panels. Cable Trunking provides solutions for the original equipment manufacturing, transportation, contract manufacturing, maintenance and repair, and communications markets.

Panduit Compression lugsPanduit Compression lugs

Cable Lug

Enhance Workplace Safety: Protects personnel and equipment throughout the lifecycle with power connections and cable management that are easy to use, install, and maintain safety. Ideal for the most demanding environments, where temperature extremes, weather conditions, chemicals, saltwater, shock and vibration can degrade performance and create risk

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