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Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB)

An Earth Leakage Circuit (ELC), also known as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) or Residual Current Device (RCD), is a crucial electrical safety device designed to protect people and property from electrical faults and the risk of electric shock. It operates by monitoring the electrical current flowing through a circuit and detecting any imbalance between the current entering and leaving the circuit.

ELCs are essential in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to protect against electrical faults. They are especially crucial in damp or wet environments, where the risk of electrical leakage is higher. By quickly disconnecting the power supply when a fault is detected, ELCs play a vital role in preventing accidents and ensuring electrical safety.

How an ELC works

  1. Current Monitoring: The ELC continuously monitors the current in both the live (phase) and neutral wires of an electrical circuit. In a balanced circuit, where the current entering and leaving the circuit is equal, there is no leakage current.
  2. Detection of Leakage: If a ground fault or leakage current occurs, due to damaged insulation or contact with live conductors, an imbalance in the currents is detected. The ELCB has a built-in sensing coil or toroid that detects this imbalance.
  3. Differential Current Comparison: The ELCB compares the currents in the live and neutral conductors. If there is a difference exceeding a preset threshold (usually a very small value, often just a few milliamperes), it indicates a leakage current.
  4. Rapid Interruption: When an imbalance is detected, the ELC rapidly opens the circuit by tripping a switch or breaker. This action interrupts the flow of electricity and prevents potential electric shock or fire hazards.

Explore our range of Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers today and ensure your installations are safeguarded with the best in electrical safety technology.


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