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WERMA is a global operation with more than 310 employees in 7 different locations. The inventor of the modular signal tower system today supplies optical and audible devices to the general industry. Headquartered and established in 1950 in Germany, the family business is one of the leading companies and a technology leader in its sector. Recently its standard signal tower system has been transformed into a unique data collection and machine monitoring system available worldwide.
One of the world’s leading companies for optical and audible signal devices including beacons and tower lights. The globally active company from Swabia in Germany is pioneering in terms of technical and future-fit innovations. Our signal devices ensure safe working environments and efficient processes with machines, systems, manufacturing bays, and buildings.

Innovation is the driving force that enables us to expand upon our technological advantages. WERMA carries out both systematic background research as well as specific product development, to which state-of-the-art project management methods are applied.

In our own optical and acoustic laboratories we test and inspect all new developments. A host of patents, design awards and customer evaluations go to prove the success of such innovation management.


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You may consider Werma eSIGN 657.110.55.
You may consider Werma Midi EvoSIGNAL 461.110.70.
You may consider Werma KombiSIGN 72. It has a diameter 70mm and the model is 649.000.02.
You may consider Werma CleanSIGN 695.310.55.
You may consider Werma KombiSIGN40. It has a diameter 40mm and the model is 639.300.01