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#1 Workplace Safety | The Importance of Workplace Safety [Update 2020]

March 9, 2020 | POSTED IN: Workplace Safety

#1 Workplace Safety | The Importance of Workplace Safety [Update 2020]

Workplace safety – Safety in the workplace is an important aspect that is sometimes neglected which can result in different injuries. If the safety of the workplace is a priority then several parameters are seen improved such as productivity, staff retention, and profitability.

Workplace safety definition

Different companies are participating in the race to develop different products which can increase safety in the workplace. Brady is a leading company and it comes first when it is related to safety, compliance, and identification. According to Brady, the customers are put first in everything they do [1]. Safety signs, CLP labels, area making, and pipe markers are manufactured by Brady and are used for various purposes at the workplace such as warning or instructing the workers about different potential dangers which require special information. 

3M is a leading company which is manufacturing different products for increased safety at the workplace. The 3M is leading the other companies in the race of producing safety equipment with its innovative and advanced products in different sectors. The company has a team of Application engineers which is the main asset of the company in producing quality products linked with the safety of the workplace. Our company (LKHE) has a team of local experts who provides training to the end users. According to the senior specialist of the 3M in structural adhesives, information and education are key factors to ensure the safety of the workplace [2]. Similarly, the other sectors of a workplace should be also handled with great care as per good information and education. 

Singapore government workplace safety and health

Singapore government organizations have set different legislations for safety at the workplace. According to Singapore government workplace safety and health (WSH) has set different legal certifications, registrations, and requirements, surveillance, and monitoring, compensations of work injury, and accident reporting [3]. Different standards set by WSH for different industries are given below.

  • Work injury compensation.

The types of compensations, claims, and claim status should be defined.

  • Work accident reporting.

The different types of accidents which should be reported are defined. 

  • Competent persons and WSH professionals.

Competent persons and professionals by WSH should be registered for the proper inspection of different sectors.

  • Service providers WSH.

The license for the different sectors should be applied and the inspection agencies should be called for regular inspection.

  • Health training and workplace safety.

The worker should receive training courses and the complete training record should be kept in record.

  • Pressure vessels.

The requirements for the registration should be fulfilled and regular inspections should be carried out.

  • Lifting equipment.

The requirements for the registration should be fulfilled and regular inspections should be carried out.

  • Factory registration and notifications.

The factory should be registered and notified as per MOM. 

  • Major hazard installations.

The different MHIs should be planned and operated by proper resources and requirements. 

  • Surveillance and monitoring.

The concerned organization should carry out inspections of the workplace. Hygiene and medical monitoring should be also performed.

  • WSH statics and reports.

The statics reports and the annual reports should be provided to WSH.

  • WSH circulars.

The different circulars distributed by WSH should be implemented. The implementation of each circular issued by the organization should be made sure. 

Different companies produce different safety equipment as per the industry or the sector of the industry. Some companies focus on only one sector to produce safety equipment while some companies like 3M work on the different sectors to ensure safety and produce different safety equipment linked with the different sectors of the workplace. There are three levels of prevention which are primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. LKHE produces different safety equipment like gloves, personal protection, safety products, and sign and barriers.



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