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Frequently Asked Questions about Metering Devices

March 23, 2021 | POSTED IN: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Metering Devices

Metering Devices

Looking for Socomec countis E23 but without din rail.

Answer : 

You may consider Diris A20 but this requires mounting of external CT. E23 is direct 63A built-in CT and kindly take note of the current rating.

Can Omron power meter KM-N2-FLK use without the CT?

Answer : 

What is your load current to connect to this model? Kindly contact us directly at for further technical discussion on the power meter.

Do you provide Digiware training?

Answer : 

Yes, we will be able to. We can provide you how to wire up, configure, and pull data from the Digiware. Kindly contact us directly at for further technical discussion.

In need of this sensor indicator, K3HB-RNB-CPAC21 urgently and the lead time is about 2 – 4 weeks. Possible to have K3HB-RNB, AC100-240 + K34-C2 instead?

Answer : 

The complete breakdown of the sensor indicator will be K3HB-RNB, K33-CPA, K34-C2, and K35-1.

Looking for equivalent model to measure AC current with output of 4-20mA.

Answer : 

You may consider Veris H721LC, if you are looking for Current Transformer below 40A.

Looking for equivalent model for K3NR-NB1A-C2.

Answer : 

You may consider K3HB-RNB AC100-240 + K33-CPA + K34-C2 + K35-1 .

Looking for equivalent model that is similar to E5CC. However, the controller is not needed, only require to display 4~20mA.

Answer : 

You may consider K3MA-J 100-240VAC.

How to wire up Power Meter A-20?

Answer : 

Kindly contact us directly at for further technical discussion on the wiring of A-20.

Please counter offer for Eaton & Deca.

Answer : 

1) Deca SDU4 —> you may consider XW5T-P4.0-1.1-1 with XW5E-P4.0-1.1-1.
2) Deca din rail —> you may consider PFP-50N or PFP-100N (different length). Kindly take note that this model is plastic type.
3)EATON: PFIM-40/2/03, you may consider A9R71240S (ACTI9 IID 2P 40A 30MA AC-TYPE RESIDUAL CURRENT)
4)EATON: PFIM-40/2/01, sorry, we do not have offer for Type A 2Pole RCCB 40A 100mA.

Looking for equivalent model with the following requirements: a) Monitoring and metering of
i. current and voltage measurements
ii. V I unbalance
iii. True PF crest and K factor
iv. Hz, W, VAR and VA
v. Demand: W, VAR, VA
vi. Power factor

b) Power quality:
i. Harmonic analysis through 63rd with THD and TIF.
ii. Total harmonic distortion
iii. Disturbance recording and waveform capture

c) Data logging
i. Event recorder
ii. Waveform capture
iii. Data Logger
iv. Voltage disturbance recorder

d) Communications
i. Front RS232 serial port
ii. Two rear RS485 serial ports with MODBUS and DNP 3.0 protocol
iii. Ethernet connectivity

e) Control – load shedding, power factor and pulse input recording.

Answer : 

You may consider PM8000 series with part number METSEPM8240. Kindly note that the only feature not offered is the RS232 port since its an old technology for modbus communication.

Need advise on whether Diris A20 can accept 3 phrase or only single phrase.
Also, for 192T4815 CT, do I need 3 CTs or 1 CT connected to A20?

Answer : 

Diris A20 can accept 3 phrase and single phrase. You may consider 3 CTs for your application.

Looking for equivalent model for P2RVM-100B & P2RVM-100R for G2RV-SL500 DC24.

Answer : 

You may consider PYDN-6.2-100S (blue color) and PYDN-6.2-100R.