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WERMA Tower Light - Reporting breakdown in real time

June 19, 2019 | POSTED IN: Werma All Whitepapers Whitepaper

WERMA Tower Light - Reporting breakdown in real time

Reporting breakdown in real-time

WERMA Tower Light and Smart Monitor 

What happens when your machine breaks down? Production teams and plants are searching for a cost effective solution for a long time. Many engineers have turned to real-time monitoring to tackle production challenges. Solutions using for example WLAN would have been too costly and would have involved an enormous amount of IT installation work. In our Brand partner’s success story, the client has been very pleased with the positive developments since the introduction of the WERMA Smart Monitor system. During a roadshow, the Regensburg team became aware of the WIN system offered by WERMA and were immediately impressed by the demonstration of WERMA Smart Monitor system. The engineers were able to retrofit their existing machines with the WERMA Tower Lights without the need for a complete IT network overhaul.  This results in immense cost savings and reduction of operation stoppage.

Customer’s Testimonials

“After just one discussion with WERMA and the engineers install a demo kit of WERMA tower light and system with ease.  It is clear that one of the big advantages of the WERMA system is the speed –we get notification of a breakdown immediately as it happens.” As the breakdown is notified immediately, reaction can also be immediate and thereby reduce the effective lost time per week of 100 minutes to a minimum. The data collected by the system is held on an integral database supplied with the software. The comprehensive software modules offer comprehensive analytical and report creation possibilities as well as excellent visual displays thus giving the user of WERMA’s system a complete overview of his operation at a glance. The system has enabled us to be more effective and efficient in fixing downtime and maintenance. 

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