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Werma Intelligent Signal Technology Pays Off

May 25, 2021 | POSTED IN: Werma All Solutions Solutions

Werma Intelligent Signal Technology Pays Off

It saves time and money

Warn. Guide. Protect.

WERMA signals make many applications safe. They warn, guide and protect – whether working on machines, plants, in logistics or on building technology. Supporting processes, making them safe and thereby keeping them running – that saves time and money. We refer to this as intelligent signal technology.

Mechanical engineering and plant construction

Signalling devices perform vital monitoring and control functions.

  • Fault signals
  • Warnings before shutting down

Safe, reliable and efficient

Our solutions perform important monitoring and control functions, particularly in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction. All of the advantages come together here: Safety, reliability and efficiency with full flexibility and performance. Innovative products that are easy to install and use. Knowing that everything fits into place – this is what we at WERMA call intelligent signalling technology.

Machine safety

Signalling in line with EU guidelines

  • Safe applications
  • Safety-related signal technology

Safe applications in line with EU Machinery Directive

For applications with special risks, specific precautions must be taken in order to exclude these risks and ensure the highest level of safety. These applications are regulated by the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42EC. According to this directive, signalling devices can form part of such safety precautions and provide a warning of imminent danger. In principle, all WERMA products can be used in accordance with this directive. But we also offer specially designed products, depending on the type of application, to ensure functional safety in accordance with EN 13849-1 (PL) or IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 (SIL).

Switch cabinet and equipment engineering

Signalling for installed solutions and for small appliances and devices

  • Control and signalling units
  • Compact signalling solutions

Compact signalling solutions

The WERMA product range of visual and acoustic signalling devices offers numerous solutions for installation in control and warning devices or for device and equipment manufacturing. Various LED beacons, warning lights, buzzers and sirens as well as compact signal towers in appropriate sizes and versions are available.


Increase productivity with clever system solutions

  • Prevent downtime and idle time
  • Continuous improvement

Increase your productivity immediately

WERMA solutions allow you to monitor all work processes, identify bottlenecks immediately and initiate quick solutions and sustainable measures. The transparency gained with regard to down-time and idle time allows you to make continuous improvements and exploit all identified opportunities sustainably and to the full for the purpose of process optimisation.

Industry 4.0 and networking

Simple retrofit networking

  • Clever factory solutions
  • Measure unproductive periods

More transparency for your processes
Connect your machines and plant, regardless of manufacturer, into a network, including even manual work stations. WERMA offers you simple, cost-effective, Industry 4.0 solutions for retrofitting!

Simple and self-explanatory
Transparency throughout the entire process
Increase your productivity immediately
Obtain detailed analyses at the press of a button

Logistics and shipping

Process-optimisation systems

  • Repair faults quickly
  • More units per hour

New solutions for shipping logistics

A world first - our signal towers can be turned into intelligent call and messaging systems connected via wireless networks. In contrast to conventional andon tools, these not only display faults, they also seamlessly document and analyse any malfunctions. This allows you to identify weak spots, continuously record unproductive times, and thus resolve problems without delay and reduce waiting times.

Clean room and food industry

Signalling in hygienic environments

  • Applications in the food and beverage industry
  • Applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

A hygienic design refers to the design of machinery and components that are easy to clean and maintain a sanitary condition for use in areas where bacteria or other harmful detergents might cause undesirable processing issues. The aim is to prevent design deficiencies that promote hygiene-related hazards or the risk of infection.

The CleanSIGN signal tower was specially developed and constructed by WERMA for use in cleanrooms, the food industry and areas with strict hygiene requirements.

Meets air purity class 2 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for clean rooms

Building services and obstruction lights

Safety around obstacles, in airports and in buildings

  • Special obstruction lighting
  • Safe signalling for building services

Safety for aviation and in buildings
In the vicinity of airports and above a certain height, buildings, factory chimneys, towers, masts etc. must be marked with the aid of so-called obstruction lights.

This special lighting ensures that obstructions can be clearly seen by pilots even at night, twilight or in poor visibility. This makes obstruction lights an important feature of aviation safety.

In building services, signalling systems must be suitable for a wide range of different applications. Whether this involves being tamper-proof, extremely robust for public places, or having special approvals, such as VdS (damage prevention for business, industry and agriculture).

Explosion-protected signalling devices and extreme conditions

Signalling even in the most adverse conditions

  • Safety in gas, dust and vapour atmospheres
  • Signalling in unfavourable conditions

The operator of a system, or the installer commissioned by the operator, must first make maximum use of all possible primary explosion protection measures. Any remaining potentially explosive areas must be assessed with regard to the potential risks. This involves dividing the area into zones, determining the explosion group and defining the maximum permissible surface temperature.

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