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SYSMAC Traceability Solution

June 22, 2021 | POSTED IN: Omron All Solutions Solutions

SYSMAC Traceability Solution


Easy Setup. Low Maintenance.

Consumer demand is driving automakers to continuously produce safer and more efficient products. As a result of this automakers are constantly striving to achieve a target of zero defective parts in every batch produced. This goal can only be achieved by putting in place a system capable of total traceability, a system capable of back tracing every step of the manufacturing process, specifically the quality assurance and specification data.

Currently, computers are key for transferring data from the manufacturing site to the main server. This requires a major investment of time, effort and resources to implement as they need to integrate various quality inspection devices such as Vision, Profile and Measurement Sensor’s data as well as RFID information. For this, they need an IT specialist to work on the required software and an instrumentation specialist to oversee the necessary equipment. The biggest challenge is not just the in-depth understanding required for integration and maintenance, but also the cooperation needed between the two departments. Other elements which must be considered are software upgrades, antivirus and developments in hardware.

Reading of Direct Part Marking (DPM) with code verification and recording to DB directly via SYSMAC Controller

Part ID Code Read before assembly

Final Assembly Inspection

With the Omron SYSMAC platform, we offer seamless integration with your main server without needing to worry about the various points of integration with computers. SYSMAC can enable the easy integration, control of Vision and Smart Measuring Sensors along with Temperature Controllers, RFID code readers and 3rd-party devices such as Nut Runners. All of this results in easier and lower maintenance which can be done remotely, ultimately reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Improved Quality & Parts Tracking

SYSMAC allows seamless integration with Vision Measuring Systems, enabling the user to save not only inspection results but also images of each component to the main database server without any additional hardware or software.

Detect presence of Grading Dot and verified with Server

Detect presence of Grading Dot and verified with Server

Electronics / Semicon

Meeting Industry Needs for SECS/GEM Protocol & Serial Number Verification

Semi-conductor manufacturers are required to meet the standards set by the SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) organisation, and those standards are known as SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard) /GEM (Generic Equipment Model).

The Omron NJ series MAC is the first in the market to support the SECS/GEM protocol, this creates the opportunity for manufacturers and OEMs alike, to design new machines based on Omron’s SYSMAC solution to conform to industry standards. The Omron SYSMAC solution allows easy integration with motion control, HMI, safety, sensors, quality inspection (vision system) while also implementing traceability and serial number verification with the machine.

The diagram below shows a typical example of how the SYSMAC solution, using NJ with an FH Series Vision System performing an inspection with traceability without the need for a PC.

Capture Serial no. with OCR and record to DB directly via NJ MAC

Decode by FH and SYSMAC Controller verify PCB serial no. with DB

Package Visual (Quality) Inspection

F&B / Pharmaceutical

Complete Dataset for Seamless Tracking

With increasing demands on food safety and ‘track and trace’ in pharmaceutical products, traceability combined with big data is becoming an important function in modern production today. Quality improvements to products through vision inspection and expiry date extraction verification with database can also be achieved with the use of traceability. Improvements on productivity can also be made by monitoring production status and data via mobile devices from anywhere in the world with database connectivity. Downtime can be reduced while troubleshooting and simple production analysis can be made on the database server instead of a gateway PC.

With Omron’s traceability solutions you can achieve quality improvements and enjoy a peace of mind for you and your customers.

Data set of different variables (Image + Data) can be captured and stored as one data set

Serialization of all blister pack within each box

Capturing batch and expiry info

Readability of 1D code of packaging