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【Sysmac Automation Platform】Advantages - Must know features

December 21, 2019 | POSTED IN: All Products Products

【Sysmac Automation Platform】Advantages - Must know features

Sysmac Automation Platform

Sysmac is the latest automation machine that is used for the automation of various controllers. The latest sysmac automation platform developed by Omron comes with the throughout integration from the controller to the software. The features are better than the other automation platforms available. The feature of the Omron Sysmac includes single control for the entire unit or the machine. Better harmony between the people or the operator and the machine. It also provides open communication between the user and the machine. Similarly, the automation platform provides open programming standards which make the programming of the automation platform much easier. The other automation platforms have complex programming standards which are difficult to be understood by a beginner level programmer. The Omron Sysmac automation platform provides a good programming atmosphere.

Advantages of Sysmac Automation Platform

The advantages of the Omron sysmac automation platform are as follows:

  • The Omron Sysmac Automation provides greater and more reliable machine control. The machine is automated with reliable techniques with better results.
  • Seamless machine control is guaranteed with the Omron Sysmac automation platform.
  • The automation platform uses the Sysmac Studio software to integrate various systems such as logic, safety, motion, robotics, information, vision, visualization, and networking.
  • The software of the Omron Sysmac automation platform provides easy monitoring of the different systems integrated with the platform.
  • Standard connectivity protocols are used.
  • The Omron Sysmac automation comes with built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP standards.
  • The Omron Sysmac automation provides fast real-time control of the machine.
  • The Omron sysmac automation platform provides data plant management as well.
  • The custom software of the Omron sysmac automation platform provides a better interface for the operation and control of the different components attached to the system.


The features of the Omron Sysmac automation platform are discussed in detail in the following sections.

Omron has been developing the Sysmac from the late 1970s. The Sysmac is being used with the different PLCs from 1971. The sysmac system has shown key features like fast control, reliability, and robustness. With the advancements in the technologies, the key features of the Omron sysmac automation platform have been improved.

The machine network is the key feature in various automation platforms. If the automation platform has not a reliable machine network the efficiency and the performance of the automation platform are compromised. The Omron Sysmac automation platform uses the latest machine network which is the EtherCAT machine network. The EtherCAT machine network is considered to be the fastest machine network. This machine network is used for the motion, IO, vision and safety purposes. The cabling of the platform is simplified with this machine network also the performance of the system is improved.

Different old PLC platforms are using the traditional architectures for the manufacturing and development of the platforms which are complex and their modelling is also difficult. In Omron sysmac automation platform, the modelling of the system is simpler which utilizes the Intel architecture and uses the i7 processor. The real-time operating system is used in the development of the automation platform which reduces the development time and also increases the reliability of the automation platform. The performance of the system can be adjusted as per the capability of the machine.
The One machine controller features of the Omron Sysmac automation platform are:

  • Standard IEC 61131-3 programming feature is included in the automation platform .
  • EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT ports are embedded in the automation platform.
  • Certified PLCopen function blocks are utilized in Omron automation platform for motion control.
  • Global standards for CE, NK, cULus, and LR are followed in Omron sysmac automation platform.
  • The automation platform comes with seamless integration of motion and logic.
  • The automation platform provides the synchronous control of all machines with different network devices.
  • It is compatible with the CJ PLC series modules.
  • The motion control feature includes circular and linear interpolation.
  • The motion control feature can control up to 256 axes of the motion.
  • Motion control feature also includes the gearing and the electronic cam.
  • The one machine network features for the Omron sysmac automation platform include.
  • Fastest network with a refreshing time of about 100 µs and a jittered time of about less than 1 µs.
  • IEEE standard 802.3 frames for the industrial Ethernet.
  • Flexible network topology.
  • Peer-to-peer controller communication feature.
  • FTP feature.
  • Interface with SCADA software and with the NA HMI series.
  • Support for Simulink/MATLAB simulation software.

The Omron Sysmac automation platform can be summarized as a robust and powerful automation platform with an advanced machine automation controller. It can handle a variety of sensors in it with great efficiency and reliability.