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Smart Manufacturing | #4 Important things you need to know

December 19, 2019 | POSTED IN: Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing | #4 Important things you need to know

Smart Manufacturing: Brief introduction

The smart manufacturing the latest new generation manufacturing machine used in different industries for manufacturing purposes. Smart manufacturing is implement in different industrial sectors for the increased output of the industry. With the help of smart manufacturing, different tasks of the industry are done automatically. The automation of a factory as per the new technologies can be also termed as the smart manufacturing technique. Computers are mostly use in smart manufacturing procedures to control the automatic operations of a factory or a unit of a factory. Smart manufacturing is also refer to as computer-integrated manufacturing which results in rapid design change, high-level adaptability, flexible workforce training, and digital information technology. 

By implementing smart manufacturing in the industrial sector several benefits can be accomplish such as supply chain optimization, fast changes for the demanded production level, efficient recyclability and efficient production. 

According to the smart manufacturing industry, a smart industry should have a multi-scale simulation, multi-scale dynamic modeling, interoperable system, good cyber security, networked sensors, and intelligent automation.  An industry comprising of all the above-mentioned parameters can be consider as a smart industry possessing smart manufacturing capability.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The overall equipment effectiveness method is shortly written as OEE. This is a scale to measure the different parameters utilized to increase the effectiveness of a manufacturing operation. The different parameters like time, material and facilities are involve in the analysis of the overall equipment effectiveness. OEE is use to measure or estimate the manufacturing capability of an industry. With the OEE it can be estimated how much time from the total production time of a factory is productive. This estimation was done based on different parameters. A unit showing a 100% score means that the unit is producing good parts with zero stop time and as fast as possible. In other words, this performance or the score of a plant or industry can be termed as 100% performance, 100% availability and 100% quality.

The overall equipment effectiveness of a plant should be measure often to check the performance and productivity level of the industry. Different losses and limitations of a plant can be measure and estimate by this technique which will in return increase the productivity and the profit.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a type or class of maintenance in which the machine data and the process evaluation are consider for maintenance purpose. This maintenance is usually use for Industry 4.0. The status data obtained from this procedure is use to carry out proactive maintenance on the machinery of the system. The maintenance of an industry is an essential need on every industry or a plant. This is to maintain the productivity or improve productivity of the industry. The overall maintenance for a factory also results in loss as the industry was closed for the maintenance for several hours or days thus affecting productivity. To avoid such downtime for a unit, the predictive maintenance is utilize. With the help of the predictive maintenance, the specific part which requires maintenance is select for maintenance with the help of the machine data and the process evaluation.

Connectivity of Machines, Equipment and Plants

In a production unit a number of machines, different equipment and plants are interlink with each other. The different things involve in production unit should be connect in precision with each other to give better outcomes in terms of productivity. The connectivity topologies for these parameters differ from industry to industry. The modern connectivity techniques should be utilize such as the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). IIoT controls the different equipment, machines, and plants attached to it by automation. The automation of an industry improves its productivity.

Data Analysis

The data related to different sectors of industry are analyse to check different parameters of an industry such as productivity, maintenance, and performance. The analysis of data for the industry is perform at different intervals of time or when some deficiency is observe in the performance of the industry. The data analysis is use to improve the performance of the industry by covering the deficiencies in different processes. The data analyzed is a useful information which is utilize again and again for the evaluation of the plant or the industry in several ways. The performance of an industry before or after an upgrade can be evaluated and so on.