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How PowerTag manage you load, provide energy and Power measurement

July 29, 2020 | POSTED IN: Schneider All Solutions Solutions

How PowerTag manage you load, provide energy and Power measurement

Do you face many interruptions of your factory’s energy and power supply without any instant alert? Consider a real-time data monitoring and management power solution, PowerTag , a wireless energy sensor by Schneider Electric Global. It is a Class 1, wireless power sensor and the smallest in physical size in the market, which is able to provide real-time energy and power measurements, as well as real-time notification in the event of a voltage loss and overload trip.

Would it be difficult and complicated to install?

Not at all. PowerTag is fully wireless and installation and set up can be completed in just a few minutes, even installations in an existing electrical panel. Hassle-free installation and commissioning helps to keep the cost due to downtime low as the time taken for installation of the sensor is effectively reduced. Paired with Schneider Acti 9 Smartlink, the transmission of data from PowerTag to the Building Management System (BMS) is simplified. 

How does PowerTag bring convenience to the facility maintenance team?

The team can easily set up a schedule with PowerTag to switch your electrical supply to your facility or machines on and off automatically. The facility management team is able to optimise consumption of energy and plan preventive maintenance more efficiently. In terms of data analysis, energy consumption can be easily broken down by respective use of energy. No physical display panel is required as data can be accessed through a smartphone or a personal computer via embedded web pages and alerts.