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Introduction to Industrial Power Supply | Omron Power Supply

October 16, 2019 | POSTED IN: All Products Products

Introduction to Industrial Power Supply | Omron Power Supply

The power supply is an electrical device that is used to provide power to the electrical load. The power supply is an important device for different engineering-related fields and appliances. Everything that provides electrical power to a circuit, the device can be termed as a power supply as it is supplying some power to the circuit. In engineering, power supplies are used for providing power to different electrical loads in different conditions.

There are 3 common types of power supplies which are: linearly regulated power supplies, unregulated power supplies, and switching power supplies. Another type of power supply is also introduced which is a ripple-regulated power supply. Different types of power supplies are used to provide power to different circuits and different appliances. Different power supplies come in with both input sources such as AC power supplies and DC power supplies. The voltage supplied by the power supply can be varied with the help of knobs present on the power supplies. The type of input can be also selected with the help of the switch or the button. A typical power supply comprises of components like a transformer, rectifier diodes, filters, and different voltage regulator diodes or voltage regulator ICs.

What is Power Supply in Industrial Terms?

At industrial levels, the power supplies used to power up the industry are bigger as compared to a power supply used at the laboratory level which can only provide voltage up to 24 Volts and so on. While at the industrial level the power supplies used are capable of delivering power up to 100 Watts and so on. There are power supply systems that are professionally manufactured for the industrial levels and then installed in different industrial sectors.

Introduction to Switch Mode Power Supplies

Power supplies are formed by the different components which include filters, transformers, and rectifiers. Rectifiers are basically diodes that are used for the rectification of the signal. In switched-mode power supplies, the switching diode class is used like MOSFETs. In typical power supplies, the linear techniques are used to obtain the desired output voltage whereas in switched-mode power supplies semiconductors are used for the switching techniques.

The switched-mode power supplies are replacing the traditional power supplies. The old power supplies are typical AC to DC power supplies with greater losses and other parameters while switched-mode power supplies have reduced heat dissipation, less weight, reduced size and less power consumption. Examples of the common usage of switched-mode power supplies in consumer industries are dc power supplies for personal computers and other electronics gears.

What are the features of Omron Power Supply?

A number of general-purpose power supplies are provided by Omron which is a manufacturing company for general purpose power supplies. Omron is manufacturing such power supplies which can give indications about the replacement timings, buffer blocks, and power interruptions. Due to these functionalities, these power supplies are more reliable power supplies. The power supplies manufactured by Omron are classified into two classes which are regulated power supplies and non-regulated power supplies. The regulated power supplies are further classified into two sub-categories which are switched-mode power supplies and linear power supplies.

The Omron power supplies come with the following functions such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, harmonic current control, and other features that vary from supply to supply. Overvoltage protection is the condition in which the voltage higher than the desired or required rating tries to pass through the circuit. The Omron power supply comes in with a built-in feature for overvoltage protection. Similarly, the overcurrent is the current which can flow through the circuit and can damage the circuit as the current greater than the desired value is passing through the circuit. The other power supplies manufactured by Omron provide other protections like ground-fault current protection. The protection circuits used in the Omron power supply vary from supply to supply.

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