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February 23, 2021 | POSTED IN: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Magnetic Contactors

Magnetic Contactors

Kindly advise a delay overload relay for this motor specification: 5.5KW at 415V and the current is 11.5A.

Answer : 

You may select LCD125xx with LRD16. Based on the specification of the motor, the contactor, and thermal overload relay is within the acceptable range. We suggest you to have a certified electrician to check the following to understand the cause of the trip.

1. Test the Thermal Overload Relay (possible hardware is faulty)

2. Test for Phase Unbalance.

3. Possible grounding issues due to leakage.

The most common cause of thermal overload to a trip is grounding issues due to leakage. Hence, if phase unbalances, it might still cause the trip.

Looking for Schneider, LC1D09N7, and LRD07

Answer : 

You may consider LC1D09N7 and LRD07. Kindly refer to the datasheet here.

Looking for the equivalent of Magnetic Contractor S-K20 and Mitsubishi overload relay TH-K20. Ampere range 15A.

Answer : 

You may consider LC1D25U7 and LRD21. Do not that the rated operational current is 25A while their old model should be 32A based on the image, but the motor ratings are the same. Kindly refer to the datasheet here for LC1D25U7 and here for LRD21.

Looking for equivalent model for Allen Bradley 100-A18ND3 and 193-BSC-15.

Answer : 

You may consider 100-A18ND3 -> LC1D18F7 and 193-BSC-15 -> LRD21, not an exact replacement.

Checking if LC1D09D7 need to use with aux contact block.

Answer : 

It will have to depend on your requirements, as the contactor comes with 1N/O + 1N/C.

Looking for equivalent model for 1SBL176001R2101.

Answer : 

You may consider LC1D18BNE.

Looking for equivalent model for LC1D1210M7.

Answer : 

You may consider LC1D12M7.

Looking for equivalent model for SC-5-1 with 1NO Auxiliary Contact.

Answer : 

You may consider SZ-A11. Kindly take note of the Auxiliary Contact, 1NO+1NC.

Looking for equivalent model for Fuji SC-3N 110VDC.

Answer : 

You may consider Schneider LC1D65AEHE. Kindly take note of the operational current only operate until 65A for AC-3.

Looking for equivalent model for Furnas 42BF35AJ.

Answer : 

You may consider LC1D18BNE or 8502SCO2V02S. Kindly note that for LC1D18BNE, the TeSys D contactor 3P 18A AC-3 up to 440V coil 24-60V AC/DC, and for 8502SCO2V02S, the type S non-reversing magnetic contactor, NEMA Size 1, 27 A, 3 P, 110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz coil, separate control, open.