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5W1H - Workplace Safety | 5W1H of Safety Equipment [ Updated 2020]

March 9, 2020 | POSTED IN: Workplace Safety

5W1H - Workplace Safety | 5W1H of Safety Equipment [ Updated 2020]

What – What is Safety Equipment?

Safety equipment is equipment that is used in different scenarios for personal safety or worker safety. Safety equipment includes different devices or gadgets which are used in different forms to protect human life or to avoid different injuries and casualties. Electgo has various readymade safety equipments which can be used in different environments as safety equipment. Electgo has specific products such as different connectors, wire connectors and configurators for the safety of the workers. 

Safety equipment is a type of protection that is used in different manners by the workers to prevent any casualties, injuries and different life-threating situations. There are different risks such as the electric shock, faults which create fire, explosive material, and lifting linked with a workplace, the safety equipment is used as per the risk linked with the workplace to ensure the safety of the workers. 

When – When you should wear it?

The safety equipment linked with the different workplaces is different. A welder should wear safety gloves, glasses, and proper clothes before starting welding. Similarly, an electrician should wear safety gloves, shoes as soon as he starts working with electrical devices or equipment. 

Who –  Who should wear it?

The workers working on a site or workplace should always wear the safety equipment. The safety equipment should be provided to every single worker working at a workplace and he should be forced to wear the safety equipment. Every worker working in the concerned section should wear the specified safety equipment to prevent injuries and causalities. Proper training should be provided to the worker to effectively use safety equipment. 

Where – Where you should wear it (places)?

The safety equipment for different working scenarios is different. A welder will have a piece of different safety equipment and an electrician will have other safety equipment. Both workers have different workplaces and the workers should be wearing safety equipment as per the workplace. A student should wear safety equipment in labs while performing different experiments. Similarly, an electrician should wear gloves, shoes before starting his work at an electricity site or a workplace having electric devices. A welder should be wearing shield, mask, glasses, and gloves before starting his welding work at welding workshop.

Why – Why you should wear it (risks)?

Safety equipment should be worn to stand against the different hazards of the workplace. Each workplace has different risks asserted with it. A workplace with electricity equipment has a high chance of electric shocks which can be fatal for the worker. Similarly, a welding plant has its own hazards which can cause injury or causality to the worker. The safety equipment should be worn by the workers to protect themselves from injuries and causalities.

How – How should you wear it (the correct way)?

The handling for each safety equipment is different. The safety equipment should be worn in a correct manner in order to protect the worker from different risks. If a worker is unfamiliar with the wearing procedure to a safety helmet or safety jacket, then the safety equipment is not of any use. Workers should be trained properly in order to handle the safety equipment. A worker should be trained by professional experts to wear safety equipment through proper workshops related to workplace safety equipment. The proper training of the handling and wearing of the safety equipment helps the workers to utilize the safety equipment properly.



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