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Masterpact MVS Switch-disconnector



EP MVS SD 1250A 65kA 4P MDO W/O PROT dra
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Masterpact MVS switch
- disconnector.
Label :  Masterpact MVS

-  Range Presentation :  Masterpact MVS, the new range of power circuit breakers in 3/4 pole versions with fixed/draw
- out type & manual/ electrical operated versions

-  Conforms to IS/IEC 60947-2

-  Single frame size for complete range

-  Icu=Ics=Icw (1sec) =50kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers.

-  Microprocessor based ET trip systems with true RMS sensing & in
- built thermal memory

-  4 pole breakers with adjustable neutral protections

-  High electrical & mechanical endurances

-  Modular type front fittable accessories.

-  Promise to provide complete safety with safety shutter locking, ready to close contact, etc.,

-  Suitable for copper/ aluminium terminations with pole pitch of 115mm.

-  Terminal orientation can be changed at site

-  Range Benefits :  Masterpact Value System
Masterpact MVS offers optimized solution even to most stringent application with most reliable distribution networks assuring continuity of service. Masterpact MVS inherits key values
-  Safety, Reliability & Simplicity.
-  Range Application Presentation :  Masterpact MVS power circuit breakers are ideal for variety of applications & designed to protect an electrical distribution network

-  Industrial sites

-  Electrical Utilities and distribution

-  DG Applications

-  Buildings and Malls
Range NameMasterpact MVS