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Trip Unit Accessory - SDTAM 24/415V AC/DC - for NSX100..250 / NSX400..630

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trip unit accessory
-  SDTAM 24/415V AC/DC
-  for NSX100..250 / NSX400..630.
Label : Micrologic
- range of product : NSX100...250,NSX400...630-range : Compact
- device short name : SDTAM
- product or component type : thermal fault module
- device application : signalling
- accessory / separate part category : trip unit accessory
- trip unit name : Micrologic 2.3 M,Micrologic 2.2 M,Micrologic 6.3 E-M,Micrologic 6.2 E-M
- Range Presentation : Offers all types of current protection and advanced protection, measurement and communication : 
-  4 levels of protection against overloads and short circuits for the protection levels :  2.0 (LI), 5.0(LSI), 6.0(LSIG), 7.0 (LSIV, built-in earth leakage protection)
-  4 types of measurement :  A (Ammeter), E (Energy), P (Power) and H (Harmonics)​
-  Energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS) function available for arc flash protection​ for Micrologic P and Micrologic H
-  Measurement accuracy :  Class 0.5 for voltage, class 1.5 for current and class 2 for active power and energy ​
-  Reliability of protection function ensured due to the separation of protection (dedicated ASIC) and the function of measurement and communication ​
-  Compatible with both Ethernet and Modbus SL protocol​
-  Operating assistance to diagnose tripping cause and maintenance information
- Range Benefits : Enhanced protection ​
-  Optimize your selectivity and coordination capabilities with protection accuracy for a wide temperature range (-25 to 70 °C)​
-  Greater flexibility as the electronic trip unit allows for a large long time delay (0.4 to 1 x In)​
-  Possible added electrical fire protection with ground fault alarms or tripping protection functions that detect ground fault current that is above the overcurrent protection threshold Optimized energy management :  ​
-  Integration into a power monitoring system to track energy consumption trends, anticipate potential damage and improve network reliability. The micrologic trip unit provides : ​
-  Energy consumption data​
-  Operation follow-up​
-  Network monitoring​
-  Preventative and predictive maintenance information​
-  Pre-alarm and alarm events ​
-  Working with Enerlin’X IF communication interfaces, the Micrologic control unit inside our Smart Panels becomes a connected product within our EcoStruxure Power architecture
- Range Application Presentation : Suitable for protection, measurement, monitoring and quality of energy for most types of low voltage (LV) electrical network applications, including : ​
-  Buildings :  data centers, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices ​
-  Industry :  mining and minerals, automotive, food and beverage and chemical industry ​
-  Energy and infrastructures :  airports, oil and gas, water treatment and marine​
-  Special application :  wind turbines, solar, GenSets, motor protection ​
Analogue Input Number24...415 V AC 50/60 Hz
24...415 V DC
Product Or Component Typethermal fault module
Range Of ProductComPact NSX100...250
ComPact NSX400...630
Trip Unit NameMicrologic 2.2 M
Micrologic 2.3 M
Micrologic 6.2 E-M
Micrologic 6.3 E-M
Accessory / Separate Part Categorytrip unit accessory
Device Short NameSDTAM
Range Compatibility ComPact NSX circuit breaker
Range NameMicrologic
Device Applicationsignalling
Maximum Output Current0.08 A
Earth Leakage CurrentMicrologic 2.2 M
Micrologic 2.3 M
Micrologic 6.2 E-M
Micrologic 6.3 E-M
Poles Descriptionthermal fault module
[Us] Rated Supply Voltage24...415 V AC 50/60 Hz
24...415 V DC
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