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Micrologic 5.0 P - for Compact NS - Fixed.

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Circuit-breakers to protect lines up to 3200 A
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range : ComPact
-  range of product : ComPact NS630b...1600
-  product or component type : Trip unit
-  trip unit name : Micrologic 5.0 P
-  trip unit technology : Electronic
-  range compatibility : ComPact NS630b...1600
-  device application : Distribution
-  Number of poles : 4P3P
-  protected poles description : 4t3t3t + N/2
-  trip unit protection functions : Selective protection
-  protection type : for short time short-circuit protection for overload protection (long time) for instantaneous short-circuit protection
-  Trip unit rating : 630 A at 50 °C800 A at 50 °C1000 A at 50 °C1250 A at 50 °C1600 A at 50 °C
-  network type : AC
-  network frequency : 50/60 Hz
-  Circuit breaker mounting mode : Fixed
Control Type3P
Display Typedigital display
Product Or Component Typetrip unit
Range Of ProductComPact NS630b...1600
Trip Unit NameMicrologic 5.0 P
Network TypeAC
Protected Poles Description3t
3t + N/2
Range CompatibilityComPact NS630b...1600
Range NameComPact NS
Trip Unit Protection Functionsselective protection
Trip Unit Technologyelectronic
Type Of Measurementpower meter
Analogue Output Numberdigital display
Product NameMicrologic
Communication Of Datamaintenance indicators
measurement readout
protection and alarm settings
Device Applicationdistribution
Earth-leakage Protectionwithout
Instantaneous Pick-up Adjustment Type Iiadjustable 9 settings
Long Time Delay Adjustment Typeadjustable 9 settings
Long Time Pick-up Adjustment Range0.4...1 x In
Long Time Pick-up Adjustment Type Iradjustable 9 settings
Mounting Modefixed
Network Frequency50/60 Hz
Short-time Delay Adjustment Typeadjustable
Short-time Pick-up Adjustment Type Isdadjustable 9 settings
Thermal Memory20 mn
Zone Selective Interlocking ZSIwith
[Isd] Short-time Pick-up Adjustment Range1.5...10 x Ir
[tr] Long-time Delay Adjustment Range0.7-16.6 s at 7.2 x Ir
0.7-24 s at 6 x Ir
12.5-600 s at 1.5 x Ir
[tsd] Short-time Delay Adjustment Range0.1-0.4 s I²t=on
0-0.4 s I²t=off
Ambient Air Temperature For Operation-25-70 °C
Ambient Air Temperature For Storage-40-85 °C
Earth Leakage CurrentMicrologic 5.0 P
Poles Description3P
[Us] Rated Supply VoltageComPact NS630b...1600
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