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Control Unit Micrologic 6.0 P, for Masterpact NT/NW, LSIG Protections.

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Electronic control units for Masterpact NT/NW /UR and for Compact NS
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range : Masterpact
-  range of product : Masterpact NTMasterpact NW
-  product or component type : Control unit
-  trip unit name : Micrologic 6.0 P
-  trip unit technology : Electronic
-  range compatibility : Masterpact NT06...16Masterpact NW08...40Masterpact NW40b...63
-  device application : Distribution
-  Number of poles : 3P4P
-  protected poles description : 4t3t3t + N/2
-  trip unit protection functions : Selective + earth
- fault protection
-  protection type : for overload protection (long time) for short time short-circuit protection for instantaneous short-circuit protection for earth fault
-  Trip unit rating : 630 A at 50 °C800 A at 50 °C1000 A at 50 °C1250 A at 50 °C1600 A at 50 °C2000 A at 50 °C2500 A at 50 °C3200 A at 50 °C4000 A at 50 °C5000 A at 50 °C6300 A at 50 °C
-  network type : AC
-  network frequency : 50/60 Hz
-  Circuit breaker mounting mode : FixedDrawout
Control Type3P
Display Typedigital display
Product Or Component Typecontrol unit
Trip Unit NameMicrologic 6.0 P
Network TypeAC
Protected Poles Description3t
3t + N/2
Range CompatibilityComPact NS
Masterpact MT
Masterpact NT
Masterpact NW
PowerPact P-Frame
PowerPact R-Frame
Range NameMicroLogic
Trip Unit Protection Functionsselective + earth-fault protection
Trip Unit Technologyelectronic
Type Of Measurementpower meter
Analogue Output Numberdigital display
Product NameMicrologic
Communication Of Datamaintenance indicators
measurement readout
protection and alarm settings
Device Applicationdistribution
Earth-leakage Protectionwithout
Ground-fault Pick-up Adjustment Typeadjustable 9 settings
Ground-fault Time Delay Adjustment Type -tgadjustable
Instantaneous Pick-up Adjustment Type Iiadjustable 9 settings
Long Time Delay Adjustment Typeadjustable 9 settings
Long Time Pick-up Adjustment Range0.4...1 x In
Long Time Pick-up Adjustment Type Iradjustable 9 settings
Mounting Modedrawout
Network Frequency50/60 Hz
Short-time Delay Adjustment Typeadjustable
Short-time Pick-up Adjustment Type Isdadjustable 9 settings
Thermal Memory20 mn
Zone Selective Interlocking ZSIwith
[Ig] Ground-fault Pick-up Adjustment Range0.2...1 x In for 400 A < In < 1250 A
0.3...1 x In for In <= 400 A
500...1200 A for In >= 1250 A
[Isd] Short-time Pick-up Adjustment Range1.5...10 x Ir
[tg] Ground-fault Time Delay Adjustment Range0.1-0.4 s I²t=on
0-0.4 s I²t=off
[tr] Long-time Delay Adjustment Range0.7-16.6 s at 7.2 x Ir
0.7-24 s at 6 x Ir
12.5-600 s at 1.5 x Ir
[tsd] Short-time Delay Adjustment Range0.1-0.4 s I²t=on
0-0.4 s I²t=off
Ambient Air Temperature For Operation-25-70 °C
Ambient Air Temperature For Storage-40-85 °C
Earth Leakage CurrentMicrologic 6.0 P
Poles Description3P
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