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About Weidmuller


Weidmuller is a German company that specializes in electrical connection, transmission, and automation solutions for various industries, including industrial automation, energy, transportation, and more. Their products cover a wide range of applications, and they are known for their high-quality and innovative solutions. Some of our key product categories for Weidmuller include:

  1. Electrical Connectors: Weidmuller offers a comprehensive range of electrical connectors, including terminal blocks, connectors for signal and data transmission, heavy-duty connectors, and PCB connectors.
  2. Industrial Connectivity: They provide solutions for industrial connectivity, including cable management systems, enclosures, and industrial Ethernet components for reliable data communication in industrial environments.
  3. Automation: Weidmuller offers automation components such as relays, switching devices, power supplies, and surge protection devices to ensure the reliable operation of automation systems.
  4. Wire and Cable: They provide a variety of wires, cables, and cable accessories such as color coded ferrules, suitable for industrial applications, ensuring proper electrical connections.
  5. Marking and Labeling: Weidmuller provides solutions for marking and labeling electrical components, ensuring clear identification and efficient maintenance.
  6. Surge Protection: Their surge protection devices help safeguard sensitive equipment from voltage spikes and transient events, ensuring the longevity of electrical systems.
  7. Power Supplies: Weidmuller offers reliable power supply solutions to ensure consistent and stable power distribution in industrial applications

Overall, Weidmuller's products are designed to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and safety of electrical connections, transmission, and automation systems in a wide range of industries. 


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