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Primers & Undercoats

Primers are quick-drying, non-sag rubber base primer that permeates metal surface pits and irregularities, preparing the surface for tape application. Compatible with the special adhesive on 3M Scotchrap Tapes, it enhances adhesion.

Undercoats help protect the undercarriage of cars, trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles from corrosion and abrasion. The coating may also be used to protect wheel wells, quarter panels, interior sides of fenders, the underside of the hood, the bottom sides of floor pans, and more. The rubberized undercoating also helps deaden noise, allowing for a more pleasant and quieter ride. The spray goes on as a textured black finish that resists chipping, abrasion, exterior rusting and weathering. It provides one-coat build-up with no dripping, running, or sagging. Protecting your vehicle with an application of rubberized undercoating is advised for long-term protection of the undercarriage. Rubberized undercoating creates a protective barrier that seals, out grit, grime and moisture that could otherwise corrode the metal components. This extra protection is a low-cost measure that can pay off by potentially extending the service life of a vehicle

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