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MasterPack NW - NW08H13D2

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Main function Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
Product series / family name Masterpact NW
Sub-range name NW08H1
Functions Thermal memory (20 minutes before and after tripping)
Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI)
Trip history memory (10 last trips)
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 V
Poles 3 Pole(s)
Protected poles 3 Pole(s)
Short circuit withstand current (Icw) (1s) 65 kA
(3s) 36 kA
Service short circuit current breaking capacity as a percentage of Icu (Ics%) 100%
Trip unit type Micrologic 2.0E (LI)
Protection settings (L - Protection against overload) adjustable from 0.4 - 1 x In; time setting 0.5 - 24s
(I - Instantaneous protection against overcurrent) adjustable from 1.5 - 10 x In
Measurement accuracy (Currents) 1.5%
(Voltages) 0.5%
(Power; energy) 2%
Protection function codes (ANSI) 49
(ANSI) 50
Display type LCD display (7-segment; 4 digits)
LEDs (overload; short circuit; internal fault)
Contents 4 auxiliary contacts (4OF)
1 trip indication contact (SDE)
chassis with safety shutter
ar chute cover
door escutcheon
disconnected position locking (padlocks excluded)
Electrical durability (with load) 6000 operations
Mechanical durability (at no load) 25 000 operations
Rated current 800 A
Ultimate short circuit current breaking capacity (Icu) (220Vac) 65 kA
(415Vac) 65 kA
(440Vac) 65 kA
(525Vac) 65 kA
(690Vac) 65 kA
Service short circuit current breaking capacity (Ics) (220Vac) 65 kA
(415Vac) 65 kA
(440Vac) 65 kA
(525Vac) 65 kA
(690Vac) 65 kA
Short circuit making capacity (Icm) (220Vac) 143 kA
(415Vac) 143 kA
(440Vac) 143 kA
(525Vac) 143 kA
(690Vac) 143 kA
Rated Voltage (AC) - Phase-to-phase 690 V
Compliant with standard(s) IEC60947-2
Connection type Withdrawable / Drawout
Horizontal rear connection
Net weight 90 kg
Degree of pollution 4
Protection functions (L) Protection against overload
(I) Instantaneous protection against short-circuit
Measurement function Currents (RMS) L1; L2; L3
Phase-phase voltage (RMS)
Phase-neutral voltage (RMS)
Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power
Power demand
Power factor
Active energy
Reactive energy
Apparent energy
Operating mode Main protection settings by rotary trimmers
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