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Personal Protective Solutions 

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Personal Protective Solutions 


Employee health and safety is your top priority. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) defends against excessive noise, flying debris, sharp objects, chemical spills, and other workplace hazards. Ensure safety and OSHA compliance with the right PPE. 

PPE includes head protection, eye protection, ear protection, respiratory protection, face protection, hand protection, and foot protection. 

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Our Services 


Our parent company, Lim Kim Hai Electric has a team of experienced safety specialists who are certified to conduct respiratory and ear fit tests. Fit Testing can be conducted on-site (Singapore)

Qualitative Fit Test (QLFT)



Qualitative fit test (QLFT) methods rely on a taste, smell or irritation from the test agent. Safety Managers are reminded to request for an Authorised letter from the FIT tester’s company before proceeding. Any FIT test conducted by non-accredited companies may be subjected to be non-compliant to Singapore Standards
SS 548:2009.

Our parent company, Lim Kim Hai Electric is proud to be accredited by 3M Singapore. Our FIT test trainers are trained & qualified
for their competency.

Quantitative Fit Test (QLFT)



Quantitative fit test (QNFT) methods generate a numerical assessment of respirator fit. Lim Kim Hai Electric is qualified to conduct Quantitative Fit Testing using PortaCount® Pro+. Our fit testers are trained and qualified for their competency. An ID card with 1-year validity will be issued after completing the quantitative fit test.

E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation



3MTM E-A-RfitTM Dual-Ear Validation System helps determine whether workers are receiving adequate protection from their hearing protector by measuring across 7 standard frequencies in under five seconds, providing a detailed report on the noise attenuation performance of earplugs or earmuffs and a pass or fail rating for each individual person based on the employee’s Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR).