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External Power Supply Module 380 – 415 V AC - 24 V - 1 A



Short description of LV454445

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external power supply module 380 – 415 V AC
-  24 V
-  1 A.
Label :  Masterpact NT
-  range :  Masterpact
-  product or component type :  external power supply module
-  device application :  power supply
-  range compatibility :  PowerPact J circuit breaker , Masterpact MTZ2 circuit breaker , Masterpact NT circuit breaker , PowerPact H circuit breaker , Masterpact MTZ3 circuit breaker , Masterpact MTZ1 circuit breaker , Compact NS circuit breaker , PowerPact P circuit breaker , Compact NSX DC circuit breaker , Masterpact NW circuit breaker , Compact NSX circuit breaker , PowerPact R circuit breaker , PowerPact L circuit breaker , PowerPact Multistandard circuit breaker
-  accessory / separate part type :  control units accessories,trip unit accessories
-  Range Presentation :  The concentrated know
- how for high current circuit breakers
Masterpact NT circuit breakers are equipped with Micrologic control units that offer built-in power and energy metering in addition to basic or advanced protection functions. The Masterpact NT air circuit breaker is the smallest in the world, featuring compact dimensions in one size from 630 to 1600 A, with breaking capacity from 42 to 150 kA. The range comes with a wide choice of standardized accessories. The universal design of the Masterpact circuit breaker line allows most accessories to be across the entire line. It enables standardization of electrical switchboards by providing peace of mind in terms of choice, installation, and operation.
Specifications : 
-  Rated current :  630 to 1600 A
-  Breaking capacity :  42 to 150 kA at 220/415 V AC
-  Voltage rating :  up to 690 V AC
-  1 unique physical size
-  Draw out and fixed mount
-  3-pole and 4-pole construction
-  Electronic Micrologic control units, integrating current, voltage, power and energy metering enabling energy
- management, earth leakage protection, and other advanced protection or network analysis functions
-  Switch disconnectors version available
-  Optimized range of field
- installable auxiliaries and accessories
-  Different offers complying with different international standards :  IEC 60947, UL489, ANSI/UL1066
-  CCC, EAC and other local certifications
-  Compliance with specifications of marine classification companies :  Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, etc.
-  Range Benefits :  Masterpact NT circuit breakers contribute to reliability and continuity of service of your electrical installation thanks to : 
Optimized safety
Faultless protection
Increased uptime with improved coordination with Micrologic electronic trip unit adjustability
Complete selectivity and coordination
High resistance to environmental stresses
Integrated monitoring for energy efficiency
Improved uptime with complete monitoring solution in Smart Panels
Seamless integration into power monitoring systems enabling to track energy consumption trends, anticipate potential damage and improve network reliability
Local and remote communication with trip cause (earth leakage, overload, short-circuit) and alarms (earth leakage, overload) allowing proactive operational and energy efficiency
Advanced Micrologic control unit can assist in providing corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance, and energy management to identify potential savings :  energy consumption data, operation follow-up, network monitoring, pre-alarm and alarm events
Seamless installation
Standardized range of auxiliaries and accessories
Wide range of online and offline software tools that improve productivity at all stages of your project (Ecoreal, Ecodial, MyPact, Ecoreach)
Masterpact NT is a part of EcoStruxure™ Power – Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture.
-  Range Application Presentation :  General applications in all types of low voltage electrical installations
Suitable in most applications for protection, measurement, monitoring and quality of energy, including generator protection and motor protection, in standard applications and specific applications demanding high performance, including : 
Industry :  mining operations, minerals, metals, and cement production, water & wastewater industry, automotive, food and beverage, etc.
Oil & Gas extraction and processing, Chemicals industries
Data centers infrastructure
Healthcare infrastructure, hospitals
Marine and offshore industry
Infrastructures :  airports, railways, subways, tunnels, power plants, etc.
Buildings :  commercial buildings, hotels, offices
Wind turbines, solar, gensets
Special applications
Navy (Masterpact NT and NW Navy)
UL 489 (Masterpact NT and NW UL 489 listed)
Source-changeover systems (Transferpact) :  service sector (hospital operating rooms, computer rooms, etc.), industry (assembly lines, ship engine rooms, etc.), infrastructures (runway, railway, etc.)
Range NameMasterpact NT