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Trip Unit Accessory - SDE Adaptor - for NSX100..250

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trip unit accessory
-  SDE adaptor
-  for NSX100..250.
Label : Micrologic
- range of product : Easypact CVS100...250,NSX100...250,NSX100...250 DC
- range : Compact,EasyPact
- device short name : SDE adaptor
- product or component type : SDE adaptor
- device application : control
- accessory / separate part category : relay accessory
- trip unit name : Micrologic 2.0,TM,MA
- Range Presentation : Offers all types of current protection and advanced protection, measurement and communication : 
-  4 levels of protection against overloads and short circuits for the protection levels :  2.0 (LI), 5.0(LSI), 6.0(LSIG), 7.0 (LSIV, built-in earth leakage protection)
-  4 types of measurement :  A (Ammeter), E (Energy), P (Power) and H (Harmonics)​
-  Energy reduction maintenance setting (ERMS) function available for arc flash protection​ for Micrologic P and Micrologic H
-  Measurement accuracy :  Class 0.5 for voltage, class 1.5 for current and class 2 for active power and energy ​
-  Reliability of protection function ensured due to the separation of protection (dedicated ASIC) and the function of measurement and communication ​
-  Compatible with both Ethernet and Modbus SL protocol​
-  Operating assistance to diagnose tripping cause and maintenance information
- Range Benefits : Enhanced protection ​
-  Optimize your selectivity and coordination capabilities with protection accuracy for a wide temperature range (-25 to 70 °C)​
-  Greater flexibility as the electronic trip unit allows for a large long time delay (0.4 to 1 x In)​
-  Possible added electrical fire protection with ground fault alarms or tripping protection functions that detect ground fault current that is above the overcurrent protection threshold Optimized energy management :  ​
-  Integration into a power monitoring system to track energy consumption trends, anticipate potential damage and improve network reliability. The micrologic trip unit provides : ​
-  Energy consumption data​
-  Operation follow-up​
-  Network monitoring​
-  Preventative and predictive maintenance information​
-  Pre-alarm and alarm events ​
-  Working with Enerlin’X IF communication interfaces, the Micrologic control unit inside our Smart Panels becomes a connected product within our EcoStruxure Power architecture
- Range Application Presentation : Suitable for protection, measurement, monitoring and quality of energy for most types of low voltage (LV) electrical network applications, including : ​
-  Buildings :  data centers, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices ​
-  Industry :  mining and minerals, automotive, food and beverage and chemical industry ​
-  Energy and infrastructures :  airports, oil and gas, water treatment and marine​
-  Special application :  wind turbines, solar, GenSets, motor protection ​
Product Or Component TypeSDE adaptor
Range Of ProductComPact NSX100...250
ComPact NSX100...250 DC
Trip Unit NameMA
Micrologic 2.0
Accessory / Separate Part Categoryrelay accessory
Device Short NameSDE adaptor
Range Compatibility ComPact NSX circuit breaker
ComPact NSX DC circuit breaker
EasyPact CVS circuit breaker
Range NameMicrologic
Device Applicationcontrol
Earth Leakage CurrentMA
Micrologic 2.0
Poles DescriptionSDE adaptor
[Us] Rated Supply VoltageComPact NSX100...250
ComPact NSX100...250 DC
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