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Saving Energy for a Sustainable Future | Energy Management

According to EPA, the industrial sector occupied 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from industry primarily involve fossil fuels burned on-site at energy facilities. This sector also includes emissions from chemical, metallurgical, and mineral transformation processes not associated with energy consumption and emissions from waste management activities. Therefore, better energy management leads to improvement in energy efficiency, which minimizes energy wastage, cuts energy costs, and helps companies reduce their bottom lines. 

Discover our extensive range of energy-saving products and Energy Management Systems (EMS) designed to help your company save energy and monitor usage efficiently. Let us assist you in optimizing energy consumption and enhancing operational performance.

Have you been looking for ways to help your organization save energy consumption and costs? Energy management can be an option you consider.

What Is an Energy Management System?

Energy Management System (EMS) offers transmission operators enhanced visibility into transmission and sub-transmission networks. It can function independently or be seamlessly integrated with our Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). EMS includes state estimation, load flow, optimal power flow, contingency analysis, fault calculation, optimal topology change, performance indices, and voltage stability applications. This comprehensive suite enables utilities to effectively visualize, operate, optimize, and maintain their transmission and sub-transmission networks.

We collaborate closely with respectable partners to deploy an Energy Management system tailored to the needs of our clients, ultimately aiding them in the cost-saving aspects of existing energy-related streams, analyzing the power distribution systems across all energy-related properties in the building or facility.

How Can We Help? 


Our experts will conduct a site visit (Singapore only) or virtual meeting to understand your current energy monitoring situation.

Solution Proposal 

Our experts will propose the best energy management system based on your requirements and budget.

Hardware & Software Implementation

Our team will provide the services to install and integrate the solution at your premises. 


Our team will also provide after-sales maintenance services to help your operations run in a well-ordered fashion.

Our Energy Management System Solutions 

We offer a variety of Energy Management Systems (EMS) that can be tailored and implemented to meet your specific requirements including: 

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub

EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

EcoStruxure™ Panel Server

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager is the state-of-the-art cloud solution for monitoring, supervising and analyzing site equipment, as well as the site’s electrical distribution system, resulting in improved performance, efficiency and safety for manufacturing plants and building facilities in a single intuitive dashboard. 

Providing full remote visibility of asset and electrical-system behaviour, ABB AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager provide insights that help you minimize cost and risk and maximize performance and safety across your operations.

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EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub is a cloud-based energy management software that is simple to deploy and requires little initial investment. Whether you need to monitor one building or a portfolio of properties, you can access your data instantaneously from anywhere. Designed for commercial, industrial, and intuitional buildings, it simplifies energy management across the operational lifecycle and helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

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EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is an acclaimed solution for power-critical facilities, enhancing uptime and efficiency through IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence.

PME simplifies operations, improves safety, and saves costs amidst evolving power grid technology and complex systems.

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EcoStruxure™ Panel Server is a next-generation, all-in-one gateway that enables a variety of our EcoStruxure solutions to protect, maximize and optimize your power system. It provides a seamless connection from wireless and wired smart IoT devices to edge control software and digital services.

Benefits of Energy Management System (EMS)

More Control

  • An EMS provides enhanced control over your power system and your facility by providing vital data on your power-distribution assets and network. It enables you to do predictive maintenance with alerts that let you to swap out potentially troublesome devices before they fail. That’s far better than making an emergency repair while angry residents or customers wait in the dark, or your operations come to a costly standstill.
  • Facilities’ backup power systems are far less likely to experience an outage. However, most every maintenance person can recall turning on a backup system only to discover it didn’t work as expected. An EMS provides an added layer of reliability here, too, by constantly monitoring your backup power-system components, giving you added confidence it will be ready when needed
  • In some operations, like mining and heavy manufacturing, power problems are both costly and dangerous. Increased power reliability means increased safety both for people and equipment.

More Insight

  •  An EMS adds real-time access to data on your breakers, meters, automatic transfer switches, and other devices that deliver power and protect your assets from overloads or power-quality defects.
  • Data captured in multi-site EMS deployments can be particularly useful by enabling benchmarking and comparative analysis of your various branches or locations. Some EMS packages are cloud-connected, offering access to power-system data from anywhere, anytime. Continuous monitoring and collection of electrical-system data make allocating costs, identifying improvement opportunities, and creating reports easy. 

More Savings

  • Electricity can be one of, and sometimes the, largest facility costs. In data centers, shaving a few percentage points off the electric bill can mean a major, bottom-line difference. In many commercial offices and other buildings, a major cost is HVAC, presenting a great opportunity for energy costreduction via an EMS.
  • Continuous diagnostics on key electrical system devices let you skip much preventive or scheduled maintenance because you can remotely gauge asset health. A predictive service strategy also helps avoid costly and disruptive emergency maintenance. 
  • Eliminating inefficiencies and providing a higher level of control over your power distribution system can save 10% on utility bills, and can help cut overall operational costs by up to 30%.

Help to reduce your carbon footprint by adopting energy management initiatives and utilizing renewable energy to measure and consume less energy.




Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) 


allow for motor speed adjustment to match the required load, resulting in better control and energy savings and efficiency. Explore Schneider Electric's VSDs Green Premium ecolabel




Tesys D Green Contactors


is equipped with an innovative electronic coil. These electronic-coil contactors require up to 80% less energy than electro-mechanical contactor.

Note: A single contactor won’t save a lot of energy. But if a facility has machines with thousands of them, those savings would begin to add up



Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)


 provide protection against short circuits and are rated up to 125A. Schneider Electric's Premium Green ecolabel guarantees healthier products, offering clear environmental and regulatory information




Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)


explore a variety of MCCBs designed with sustainability in mind, featuring energy-saving technology and the assurance of Schneider Electric's Green Premium ecolabel




Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) 


offer protection for electric circuits ranging from 800 to 6300A. Schneider Electric's Green Premium ecolabel guarantees healthier products, offering clear environmental and regulatory information




Push Buttons & Switches


explore a variety of push button & switches designed with sustainability in mind, featuring energy-saving technology and the assurance of Schneider Electric's Green Premium ecolabel





Motor Protection


integrates motor control and protection solutions can help plants simultaneously reduce costs while increasing production





Power Meter 


explore a wide portfolio of energy management, revenue electrical metering and power quality monitoring solutions to increase productivity while consuming less and achieving energy savings




Thermal Management System


the Blue e S cooling & Blue e+ S cooling  units in the output category 750 W now completes the product family (300 - 1000 W) and combines all the benefits of innovative technology and its new refrigerant reduces the Global Warming Potential rating by 56%




Thermal Overload Relays

 is an electromechanical device designed for motor overload protection, to protect motors from overheating. 

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Automation Relays


Explore our range of VSDs with energy management, including Schneider Electric's Green Premium series. 

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Residual Current Devices (RCDs)


Explore our range of VSDs with energy management, including Schneider Electric's Green Premium series. 

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