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Control and Signalling - Keep work moving and the workers safe

August 28, 2020 | POSTED IN: Articles Workplace Safety

Control and Signalling - Keep work moving and the workers safe

Nowadays, the government and society is emphasizing on workplace safety, it is crucial to provide our workers an environment that is safe whilst not compromising on the productivity of the work. A well designed control and signalling system will be able to improve the capacity of the production and reduce downtime by providing real time alerts. With that, keeping an eye on profitability and attending to the safety of the workers concurrently. Let us take a look at how Schneider’s products are able to help you achieve this. 

A Pragmatic Aesthetic Designed Component

Do you have workers from various educational qualifications and from many different cultures and countries? For such a situation, it is essential to employ interfaces with pragmatic aesthetic design. A well thought out aesthetic will provide the operator with better ergonomics, reducing unnecessary strain and thus increase in productivity. Schneider’s product design team is very meticulous on the fine details which can affect the experience of the operator, such as the choice of colour, the materials used, the size of the actuation area, the external height for flush designed components and others. In addition, Schneider offers a wide range of products and you can even customize markings to the exterior of the components to provide easy to read and understand instructions to operators.

A Highly Reliable and High Quality Component

In production, time is money. Thus any downtime, due to machine and/or parts failure, will eat into the business bottom-line. Furthermore, studies indicated that up to 70% of the maintenance operations are reactive.  As a result, having highly reliable and high quality components are critical in minimizing downtime. 

The Harmony range of Schneider’s control and signalling products is one of the most reliable in the industry which was designed, developed and qualified to operate under the highest possible level of reliability and robustness for the harshest industrial environments. Under the Harmony range, there are the standard XB4 / XB5 / XB6 and XB7 series pushbuttons, switches, pilot light, XVC / XVG / XVM / XVB and XVU tower light, XVR rotating/flashing beacons, XVR / XVS series buzzer and sounder.

With continuous effect to improve their product, Schneider has developed the following innovative products :

  • XB5R and XB4R, wireless and batteryless pushbutton that is capable of controlling relay (receiver) remotely by using radio transmission. As the design concept of the product is ready-to-use Plug-and-Play, it helps to reduce the installation cost and time significantly. Furthermore, it widens the freedom in mobility around the machine and/or process.
  • eXLhoist, wireless hoist that operates using a one-hand operation remote control device (the operator interface) and the base station that’s hardwired to the machine. The remote control device is well designed which allows the operator to concentrate on the load rather than the button itself. 
  • XB5S, biometric switches that is designed to provide additional security to restrict unauthorized access to secure processes and/or resetting an emergency stop through fingerprint recognition.