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About KDK

Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (KDK) has been an industry pioneer in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) since its establishment in 1909. They are committed to providing safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly products to their customers through the innovative and advanced technology of “Wind” and “Air”.

With extensive experience and professional know-how, KDK expands its businesses globally by collaborating with KDK business partners, providing customers with timely delivery and IAQ solutions and products, and actively developing value-added products to fit different markets by product diversification.

Now, apart from celebrating its 110th anniversary, KDK continually makes efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by promoting green and comfortable life and creating a healthy living environment for its trustworthy customers around the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our ceiling fans operate in only an anti-clockwise direction.
Yes, we do. Our ceiling fan models U48FP and U60FW are fitted with LED light.
We strongly encourage you to engage a licensed installer to perform the installation.
We encourage our customers to install a separate on & off switch for each ceiling fan and not tag on the light source or wiring.
We regret to inform you this is not allowed. There is a high risk of components malfunctioning with time.