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Industrial Enclosures

Ranges from double/inner door, stainless steel to IP 66, and other pairable accessories.                                                                          

About Coreenium 

We provide an assortment of enclosures to the mass market. Coreenium ranges from double/inner doors, and stainless steel to IP 66, and other pairable accessories. Over the years, companies of various manufacturing and industrial segments used Coreenium industrial enclosures for mega projects. By doing this, these enclosures help to protect and prevent the ingress of environmental contaminants which helps extend the lifespan of their equipment.

Just like any electrical enclosure, Coreenium industrial enclosures protect electrical or electronic equipment and prevent electrical shock. They may also shield equipment from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. These enclosures are made of stainless steel to protect against different kinds of environmental conditions and electrical equipment in the diverse building, industrial, and utility applications:

  • Circuit breakers, contactors, control panels, and switches
  • Distribution boards and panelboards
  • Pressurization and purging equipment and systems

Coreenium enclosures are suitable for a comprehensive range of electrical components from 16A to 1600A or even 3-4 pole circuit breakers. The enclosures are made of heavy-duty hinges suitable for 180 degrees opening with a position indicator allowing it to lock in OFF-position.

Coreenium enclosures are being adopted by multiple educational institutions, panel builders, and businesses in Singapore. They conform with CE certification for safety and IEC 60947-3 which are safe to use by government agencies such as the Housing Development Board for material listing. 

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